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When a child of Samadock or a Spoonlin is born they are gifted a spoon like beautifully carved musical pipe. Each pipe is unique and the art of making an Oaktwill requires finding the twill with in the fallen oak.

Spoonlins are a tall, blue haired human like people. They love Oak trees and on their own planet generally lived in peace, they are gifted craftsmen mostly carving toys and musical with instruments.

Music dominates the belief system on Samadock. The Spoonlins have a tune for most events. Task or even mini tunes are normally played on woodwind or or other wooden stringed instruments.

On discovering interplanet travel was possible, their emissary Ice WeatherSpoon set out to share peaceful greeting and philosophies but soon learnt there was more than peace and love to the Aloniverse. Perhaps one day Alon (read Root and String) would reach out to Ice... let's see.