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Renowned birth place of the hill top huggers. The archers of Topnodon endure significant torment in order to achieve master of flight status.

The most notable Topnodon to date are from the three tribes or the Torib. Torib are winged species, evolved from amphibians they lay eggs and nurture their young in nest like dwellings among rocky spartan crags atop the rolling hills and plains of Topnothorn.

The lush land below the hills while plentiful in terms of edible species, fruit and vegetation is also plentiful in poison and lethal species. Indeed a passer by or visiting alien species would stand no chance of survival were they tempted to land among the seemingly lush lowlands.

Where were we oh yes the notable Topnodians or "Top Nods" as affectionately referred to among the Torib are the High Priestess Treecy, The Low Priestess Joannalee, Baron Defonobs, Dame Shirlack ,Snowbonka and Jaylor the Detective.

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