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Regarded by many as the pure planet, untouched by humanistic corruption. The lifeforms on this world live in harmony within the lush forests covering much of the surface. To an ordinary human, the planet appears as a tropical rainforest.

It is also incredibly easy for a non-native to lose their sense of direction unguided, due to the mazes set up by the Yoblins to deter predators. Arguably more important, however, the maze-like layout of the forests are used to help ensure the safe-keeping of the 'ancient stone of power'.

Unfortunately, with travel between inhabited worlds now possible, the creatures of this peaceful world were unprepared when a hunting party from the thriving metropolis world of Kiskuton paid a visit.

Audazzle episode one characters are: Eli the Yoblin princess; Frank the shaman and aid to the royal family; and Gail the princess's trusted servant.