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Sangaley is a stunning planet. A shiny jewel in space, with a most distinct purple and burgundy marbling. From a medium distance in space it's earth like atmosphere glistens through deep shades of purple, violet and indigo. To crown it's glory, Sangaley sports the occasional red ring (or two). This mostly happens when it's sun star Daistrella is partially eclipsed by it. This from either of it's twin moons ( Bertmoon and Bartmoon ) the Sangaley lights conjure a solar beauty that defies description.

The Bertroll road builders thought to have spawned from bacteria found on recent scientific expeditions to Bertmoon, the DNA sequences being somewhat compelling are also famous for clearing the highways and byways age after age. Whereas the Bartrules who commissioned the roads believe their Island Zingra to be the center of everything. Neither the Bartrule or the Bertroll have discovered their planet's powers nor it's portal, but they will.

Birth place of Astroldfield the Great a contender to discover the portal. Other notable Sangaliens include Davodish the wise, Malonkelly the tamer, Beryl the Necromancer, Jale, Murwell and Boldro the Brick Hammer.

We musn't forget this is where Empress Poppolinus of Sangaley calls her astronomers to explain the red comet riding each night over the northern plains of Marjorock. Nor should we forget RoadPong, or that Princess Faisy and her magic rug Carl the Rug once visited Sangaley by accident.