Root and String

From Aloniverse

In the beginning there were three strings:

Theo - the boundless

Alon - the ponderous

Xeric - the unfathomable

Before you ask, they did not invent TAX - that came later and, if anything, TAX angered The Woven .

Out there in the great emptiness at the dawn of dawns, the three icons of existence were at a loose end.

There were no inns or landlords to frighten, nothing to do, and no reason for a cake or a party for that matter.

Millions of years passed. One day Theo said to Alon...who said to Xeric...who said to Theo...and so on…

“Lets make something together.”

Another millennia passed in the blink of a twine, and Alon discovered he could make his conscious thoughts materialise.

“That’s magic Alon!” exclaimed Xeric.

“What urr?” gruffed Theo

“Below and behold I give you Wet,” said Alon. “I made something.”

Theo looked down into the previously spotless, vastness of the emptiness below and beheld Wet - a rather large (even by the size of a universe standard), wobbly wibbly collection of see through stuff.

Being of an inquisitive nature, Xeric let go of himself in a grave but fun sort of movement and fell towards the Wet. Kersplash!

“Woohoo!” exclaimed Xeric. “Try it my string fellows - it feels odd and yet wonderful.” Theo tied himself in a knot and frowned (as string does), but Alon was in within at least 100 years (a flash relatively speaking).

Feeling they had left their soulmate somewhat isolated and alone, Xeric and Alon chanted a song.

Theo pretended it didn’t matter, and as he did beads of angry stuff fell from him to the Wet. Flashes of light left traces spattered about the Wet, and great balls of fire with veins of glowing matter began to connect them together.

The Wet grew and engulfed Theo. Joining the others in a rhythm of snaking interactions they responded in their own ways and, with each response, first colours and then patterns of energy took form...each form an entity in its own right - and growing quickly.

Soon thousands of unique energetic forms became millions. They shared colours and vibrancy until...boom!...they dispersed in every direction. Crescendo upon crescendo, wave after wave of light, colour, and creativity, until each entity had gone further and further apart from its nearest counterpart.

And behold a sea of universes had become...Varroni


Many years, and much magical creativity later, the sea of universes had calmed. Gentle ripples of energy were apparent, but Theo, Alon, and Xeric were nowhere and everywhere to be seen. The mix of their will in making The Everything(Varroni) was encoded into each and every universe, each and every star system, and each and every subatomic particle.


Amongst this creation, only a few planets of Wet, throughout the universes, survived the furnaces and turmoils of the genesis, and on these planets the string’s will had composed their most profound achievements. Within the waters of these planets, cellular entities evolved into species, and millions of creature forms. Eventually intelligent life took form within star systems like Cror and Kiskusun and other Varrostarski.

These planets were:

Murmudon - home of the valley dwellers. A deep red planet rich in iron. The Veldwaldi and Meeshca dominate the land and water respectively.

Kiskuton - where settlement makers thrived, and the lights of it’s mega cities twinkle endlessly. Kiskutons are the main inhabitants and the spider-like Klickr inhabit its third moon (Klique).

Surinley - the woodland planet, whose quiet, magical people are steeped in verse and lore and love all living creatures. Home planet of the Yoblins.

Lugunter - the resilient fort builders - brave and paranoid of attacks. A planet of historic civil wars and unrests, but now united after discovering life beyond their own planet. The Lugunti of Lugunter are primarily an ape like species with 5 known sub-species or 'races'. The blue backed Portwax and the red chested Southene defend their great sea castles.

Munduham - farmers and land nurturers. !! urgent TODO compare with top and tale

Purticot - planet of cottages. Home of Purtikitti and the Shamalama.

Sangaley - the road builders - clearing the way age after age. A shiny jewel in space, with a most distinct purple and burgundy marbling. Home planet of the genetically modified worm riding Sangaliens - the worms being genetically modified, not the Sangaliens.

Samadock - another forest planet where the people of the oak (aka the Spoonlins) lived in peace and loved music. Also the spiritual home of Captain Ice Weatherspoon. The most 'earth like' of the Wet planets, Samadock had just a single moon. When a child of Samadock (or a Spoonlin) is born, they are gifted a spoon-like, beautifully carved musical pipe (an Oaktwill). Each pipe is unique and the art of making an Oaktwill requires finding the twill within the fallen oak.

Finally...planet Topnodon - renowned birth place of the hill-top huggers.

Queen Dark Sock was cast out by the Purtikitti after genetically modifying Shamalama in order to produce ever-lasting wool. After searching the universe for a new home she discovered the planet Klique. Colonised by spider-like creatures (the Klickterati or Klickr for short), who are obsessed with developing a robotic army of limbless, passive magnetic droids. Queen Dark Sock impressed the Emperor Klickr with her knitting patterns and the rest, as they say, is history (another story for another day).