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Purticot - Planet of cottages

Queen Dark Sock was chased from Purticot by the purtikitti after genetically modifying sheep like creatures called Shamalama in order to produce ever lasting wool. After searching the universe for a new home she discovered a moon called Klique . Colonised by spider like creatures (the Klickterati or Klickr for short), who obsessed with developing a robotic army of limbless passive magnetic droids. QDS impressed the Emperor Klickr with her knitting patterns and the rest is history (another story for another day).

Revill was the second moon of Purticot, it was big and hairy and had several smoking chimney stacks.

Colonel Fangulbung was eventually outcast from Klashkinoot, capital of Klashkiland the Northern most country of Purticot. He is thought to be living in a cave with other Shamalama on the East Coast.

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