Mystic Jellies Characters

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for Topnodon

the notable Topnodians or "Top Nods" as affectionately referred to among the Torib are the High Priestess Treecy, The Low Priestess Joannalee, Baron Defonobs, Dame Shirlack ,Snowbonka and Jaylor the Detective.  

for Samadock Barkwind, Roelhimble, Arlo and Rosewin discovered the source of Samadocks magic. As their sun star Binkle Binkle rose high above the Forest of Birchamoot and the Spoonlins of Icecrownland gathered to the rally cry of Ice Weatherspoon. Amongst those Spoonlins Ice's loyal robot Spinyock the Logical

for Sangaley Birth place of Astroldfield the Great a contender to discover the portal. Other notable Sangaliens include Davodish the wise, Malonkelly the tamer, Beryl the Necromancer, Jale, Murwell and Boldro the brick hammer.

for Purticot Colonel Fangulbung was eventually outcast from Klashkinoot, capital of Klashkiland the Northern most country of Purticot. He is thought to be living in a cave with other Shamalama on the East Coast.

Queen Dark Sock Mushka Reegor BaBa Havantany Prince Kieran Greechill

for Munduham On Munduham Jockeys Plantifons are semi intelligent walking plants that can feed themselves and don't pay enough attention to their roots.

from Episode 5 (Club Audazzle)... Lettish a Munduham wizard made a balloon that drifted through a portal and he ended up in Topnodon

As well as Lettish cruelly named after his mothers favourite Jockey snack... other notable Munduqui include Nettlemuncher, Hooftickler, Mr Sureshoo and Little Miss Ponypong

for Lugunter The planet of resilient fort builders Lugunti, brave and paranoid of attacks, a planet of historic civil wars and unrests. Lugunter is recently united after discovering life beyond their own planet, mesh their fort building prowess to build near impenetrable dominions. Prince Perfic the Plush was thought to have gained his title after deciding the interior of a fort should be beyond comfortable, perfecting the comfy zone was his catch phrase or PTCZ for short. Lugunti have five races but in this early sketch we will allude too only the Portwax and the Southene. Both the Portwax and the Southene defended great sea Castles. Prince Perfic is of the Southene and his counterpart Matron Malfreece is leader of the Portwax, other notable Lugunti are Meredoin, Melly, Biffles and Jenople. There portal Jedal was of course discovered by the Portwax heroine Malfreece while attempting to break their world record for kite flight height.

for Surinley

Eli the Yoblin princess, Frank the shaman and aid to the royal family and Gail the princess's trusted servant.

for Kiskuton Notable Kiskutons are Engle, Etchemorn, Winkling and Gunglethorpe

for nearby moon Klique A colony of spider like creatures also known as the Klickr were ruled by Zarg who became obsessed with developing a robotic army of limbless passive magnetic droids called the Nunobots

for Murmudon The Veldwaldi and Meeshca dominate the land and water respectively. Of The Veldwaldi , Damon, Haron and Shoran are most famous. For the Meeshca there is Jerix, Borix and Emilro.