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A planet of Farmers and land nurturers.

The Mundus Equus, or Munduqui, are a race of horse-like creatures with extra sensory powers. Their powers include location based telepathy or Telus Proximus. Like Mr. Ed they can also talk (of course) which is very useful for The Modacks and their stage-like behaviours. They love racing and gambling, sadly their Jockeys ( ) are not so smart, and the most shocking thing about the Munduqui is their insatiable appetite for fresh Jockeys.

On Munduham Jockeys Plantifons are semi intelligent walking plants that can feed themselves and don't pay enough attention to their roots.

from Episode 5 (Club Audazzle)... Lettish, a Munduham wizard, made a balloon that drifted through a portal and he ended up in Topnodon.

As well as Lettish (cruelly named after his mothers favourite Jockey snack), other notable Munduqui include; Nettlemuncher; Hooftickler; Mr Sureshoo; and Little Miss Ponypong oops