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The planet of resilient fort builders, the Lugunti, who are brave and paranoid of attacks. A planet of historic civil wars and unrest.

Lugunter is recently united after discovering life beyond their own planet, mesh their fort building prowess to build near impenetrable dominions.

Lugunti have five races, but in this early sketch we will allude to only the Portwax and the Southene. Both the Portwax and the Southene defended great sea castles. Prince Perfic the Plush is of the Southene and his counterpart, Matron Malfreece, is leader of the Portwax. Other notable Lugunti are; Princess Faisy and her trusty rug Carl the Carpet; Meredoin; Melly; Biffles Baffles; and Jenople.

Prince Perfic the Plush was thought to have gained his title after deciding the interior of a fort should be beyond comfortable - "perfecting the comfy zone" was his catchphrase or "PTCZ" for short.

Their portal Jedal was, of course, discovered by the Portwax heroine Malfreece while attempting to break their world record for kite flight height.