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Deep in the Universe of Aloniverse, amid the swirling galaxy of Crortoffski, spins the star system of the Sun Purchown. Although The Purchown System has 17 planets, only one (Kiskuton) is known to be inhabited.

Settlement Makers have thrived here, and the lights of it's mega cities twinkle endlessly. Kiskuton is said to be one of the most dazzling of planets.

Kiskuton has three moons - Diskone, Mixone and Klique. Klique, its third moon, has proved to be a suitable home for the soon to become evil plans of Queen Dark Sock.

Kiskuton, like the other nine wet planets, has a portal. However, due to the existence of the three moons, scientists theorise the portals connection to far off worlds corresponds to their alignment. When in fact the connection of the nine is much simpler still. This theory however, will soon be proven wrong when a force flies through a portal on a seemingly routine mission...

Notable Kiskutons are Curlyfray, Engle, Etchemorn, Winkling and Gunglethorpe.

Occupants of the nearby moon Klique are yet to be revealed.