E5 S1

From Aloniverse

The key Munduqui horse like species' Characters in E5S1 are:-

Lettish a wizard cruelly named after his mothers favourite Jockey snack... and other notable Munduqui include Nettlemuncher, Hooftickler, Mr Sureshoo and Little Miss Ponypong

see also a) Munduham to learn about the planet. b) Plantifons to learn about their edible Jockeys c) Telus Proximus to learn about one of their more tongue in cheek magic powers

In E5 S1 our basic plot goes from

Harvest time on Munduham, fruit picking with the afore mentioned characters, to a conclusion or start of the next episode where Lettish a Munduham wizard is in his balloon and drifts unwittingly through a portal ending up in Topnodon

... Topnodon being where potentially we might also meet a flock of Torib or one or more of High Priestess Treecy, The Low Priestess Joannalee, Baron Defonobs, Dame Shirlack ,Snowbonka and Jaylor the Detective ... flying about their business.