Bondrick goes mindfully

From Aloniverse

It's Harvest Time on Purmagon approximately 100 miles dues south west of sub continental Gurandia, Munduham. (see map)

Bondrick spawn of Lettish was laying limply, sack like and quilted. Without a care in the world.

There was something all together catlike about Bondrick that day, though she knew nought of it.

Limp or not Bondrick's panels of silk hankies were woven of hoolygog and that is of course significant.

The sea salts engrained in the hoolygog thread store energy, particularly when exposed to the sun, unlike Icarus the closer (or in fact the more exposed) the better.

Thus while Lettish was scratching his head for the means to both inflate and navigate his contraption ( though he anticipated using the wind to sail around Munduham), Bondrick's panels had greater potential still.

Bondrick: "My name is Nought; I love well to make merry;I have be sithen with the common tapster of Bury. I played so long the fool that I am even very weary:Yet shall I be there again, tomorn

Lettish: "I wonder where that came from".

Bondrick gets inflated.

Lettish gets frustrated.

Miss PonyPong gets excited.

... and OohArr must get found.

Star players:Miss PonyPong, Nettlemuncher and Lettish. Key Jsogos :- OohArr The Mushroom Cleaver and Bondrick the baloon.