Area 51

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Area 51:

Rules of the game: Area 51 is rumoured to be where aliens and their technology have been hidden by the U.S government. While traveling around the board, it is the player's aim to get to or above the magic total of 51, by multiplying the numbers on the cards they are dealt. The first person to reach 51 or higher wins the round and the higher the number, the more aliens are freed. The winner is the player who has freed the most aliens after three rounds. Cards required from deck: All Character cards, all Planet cards and all Jelly cards.

How to play: This game is best played with 2-4 players. The objective is to multiply the card you are dealt with the same modifier as the one you land on, to reach 51 or higher. Steps To Play: Take twelve cards from the deck and set them in a circular clockface to utilise as a board. Use a small object such as a coin as a marker. Audazzle characters are planned in future. On each players turn, draw a card from the deck. That player then moves the amount of spaces clockwise or counter clockwise based on the attribute in question. The attributes go from rank, Theotron, Alonian and Xurrinion and back round again. Times the number you moved by by the number of the card you landed on. Your fortune can turn around in an instant, so don't be dissuaded if you get into the minus figures!